We reinvent wealth management for everyone

Financial planning platform that enables financial institutions to offer a fully digital goal-based advisory service, specifically designed to serve the mass market.

The best wealthtech partner

Clients with small assets will be able to define their financial goals
and for the first time receive quality personalized advice.
Main advantages for financial institutions that use the Inveert solution

Sales increase

Products are sold in a friendlier way, being a means to an end: the client’s goals.

Efficient costs

The process is 100% digital, allowing financial institutions to reach the clients they had abandoned.

Real knowledge of the client

The Financial Plan generates clients data that can be turned into new sales opportunities.

Long-term clients

Focusing on financial goals, rather than the road, increases clients’ investment time.

Use cases

Depending on the needs of each financial institution, there is a version of the appropriate solution: To be used by end clients within their private area or by agents of the commercial network.

Easy to integrate

Our white label solution can be connected to the applications of financial institutions through our API. Inveert administration, data and functionality are available through a REST API.

Valuing client needs with maximum reward

Let clients define their SMART financial goals and offer the right products at the right time.

"Long-term planning is not thinking on future decisions, but on the future of present decisions"

– Peter Drucker –

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